Although it may be hard to pull yourself out of your hammock or away from the beach and beautiful gardens here at Koyao Bay Pavilions, some of the surrounding islands and coastlines offer not only the most spectacularly scenic views but an abundance of the most beautiful flora and fauna. You may see monkeys, giant monitor lizards, hornbills, sea eagles, kingfishers and plentiful of coral reefs and fish fauna.

The Captains we use, we have used for the 9 years Koyao Bay Pavilions has been open. They are very experienced and know their home very well. We always go to the least busy beaches and slightly off the beat and track as for the best experience possible.

NOTE: Please do not ask us to bring you to James Bond Island, Koh Phi Phi or Chicken island in Krabi, as we do not want to further damage these mass-tourism destinations.


Enjoy beach hopping & sightseeing, snorkelling & swimming throughout Phang Nga Bay vast tropical shoreline and its diverse and unique habits.

Observe the region’s great variety of fishes and other marine life forms and discover the many endemic vegetal species hanging on the limestone cliffs or rooted in the sea-waters in the mangrove swamps and lagoons.
Snorkel around the Coral reefs, home to a wealth of colourful creatures.

“The Forest of Islands” showcases the best of what the bay has to offer: impressive karst cliffs, good snorkelling, white sand beaches and the famous lagoon of Koh Hong…

Highlights of the excursion; Panorama, beach, swimming, snorkelling.

• Early departure from the resort, preferable at 7:30am to avoid crowds.
• Arrive at Koh Hong Lagoon and beaches for snorkelling…
• Swimming at Koh Pak Bia, on a two-sided beach…
• Swimming and snorkelling at Koh Lading…
• Koh Nok, where you can enjoy lazing on the beach or “the cliff” for an adventurous 15-20 minute climb through difficult terrain, for a rewarding 360’ view.


Nature’s an adventure ! Experience raw jungle around the Big Tree, dense mangrove in Koh Roy’s small lagoon, and a relaxing swim in Koh Kudu’s hidden bay…

Highlights of the excursion; Panorama, jungle, mangroves, swimming.

• A short walk through the dense jungle with vast tropical fauna to the legendary big tree…
• Arrive at Koh Roy walk or swim (depending on the tide into a hidden lagoon with-in Koh Roy…
• Swim and relax in the beautiful bay of Koh Kudu.


Romance for sunset lovers ! Two paradise-looking sandbanks await you and your loved one for a special moment…

Highlights of the excursion; Panorama, beach, sunset, wine!

• Late departure, around 4:00 pm
• Arrive at Koh Nok for swimming or “the cliff” for an adventurous 15-20 minute climb through difficult terrain, for a rewarding 360’ view.
• Arrive at Leam Haad, a nice sand bank between Yao Yai & Yao Noi. Where you will enjoy wine and snacks as you enjoy the Sunset.


Here at Koyao Bay Pavilions we provide top of the range feel free kayaks for our guests.

Whether you would like to simply comb along the coast not far from the beach or whether you’d like to take more of an adventure, a short 30 minute paddle you will reach the island of Koh Nok, pack a picnic and set up on the deserted beach. Also “the cliff” for an adventurous 15-20 minute climb through difficult terrain, for a rewarding 360’ view.


THE SPOT for kayak enthusiasts ! Leam Deang to the North East of Phang Nga Bay is the ideal spot for Kayaking and nature enthusiasts. A 60 minute cruise with one of our reliable captains on there Long Tail Boat, taking the kayaks on the boat a picnic and of course your cameras. Once you arrive you will go Kayaking through the beautiful mangroves.


•Make your way by boat North-East where untouched mangroves and cliffs meet…

•Kayak through the enchanting mangroves and lagoons, explore caves and try to spot the abundant but elusive wildlife…

•On the way back, stop for a pic-nix on a beautiful beach to relax and swim before heading back

Highlights of the excursion; Panorama, kayaking, mangroves, swimming.


Koh Yao Dive and Marine Sport was opened in 2005. Their Dive Company services Koyao Bay Pavilions here on Koh Yao Noi and is situated a short stroll along the beach. Their Dive Instructors and Dive Masters know the area around here very well and they have researched a lot of new Dive Sites near Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai. They are also willing to go to popular Dive Locations such as Koh Phi Phi, King Cruiser Wreck, and Krabi. Padi Courses and Fun Dives are offered everyday.


WITH almost every member of the staff here at Koyao Bay Pavilions being very keen fisherman, we can help to organise a day out on the water to experience a day in the life of a local.

Take your chances with squid, groupers, snapper, trevallies and barracuda.

Bring your ‘catch of the day’ back to our restaurant, La Sala and we will happily prepare it for your dinner.